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Dog Walking Gallivants


Our Dog Walking Gallivants promise fun, enrichment, and a tired doggo. While life keeps you busy, you will have peace of mind that your four-legged best friend is having the best time on their Gallivants. Our kind, trustworthy, reliable service, will have your dog sitting in the window just bursting to get out on their Gallivant.

We strive to fulfil your dog, providing tailored play, training and environments to suit your dog's needs.  Sarah is a qualified trainer through the IMDT, a certified canine first responder and is fully insured. 

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Your dog will be collected from your home at your scheduled time. If you are not home, I will only enter the areas of your house that you have given me permission to access.  All Safety and security instructions and measures will be followed to ensure your home is always kept safe and secure. You will receive updates on your dog on every gallivant so you can enjoy seeing them having the best time. Every gallivant is at least 1 hour and your dog will be wiped down and dried when returned home, along with water refills. We use natural training treats and 100% biodegradable poo bags. As a qualified and experienced veterinary assistant and animal carer, any feeding, and/or medication needed can be provided. If other pets (of any species)  in the home need attending, this can be provided.